What's Happening @ The Library

Welcome to our Library!

Congratulations on your new NJWTPL library card! You now have access to a world of knowledge and entertainment. Not only does your library card give you access to everything in our building, we also offer digital materials through Libby/Overdrive and Hoopla!

We have Wowbrary, a free email that will keep you updated on all the new items added to our collection each week! If you would like to sign up, just ask one of the staff members.

Your library card also logs you onto our computers. If you have any questions about how to access the computers or how to print please feel free to ask. We are always here to help.

If you gave us your email when you received your library card, you will receive an email 3 days before your items are due. You may reply to that email if you would like to renew your items. You are always welcome to call us to renew your items.

Checkout Times & Number of Items

Books & Audiobooks: 2 Weeks - 25 Items

DVD & Blu-ray: 2 Weeks - 5 Items

Our Bookdrop has two separate slots. One for books and one for media (audiobooks, DVD & blu-ray). Please use the correct slot when returning your items.

NJWTPL is fine free. However, if after 90 days an item is not returned to the library it will be considered lost. At that time you will be charged the price of the item.

Prices for Prints, Copies and Faxes:

Single Side Copies: $0.10 Double Side Copies: $0.15

Single Side Color Copies: $0.15 Double Side Color Copies: $0.20

Fax: First Page $1.00 All Additional Pages $0.50

All Faxes to or from Toll Free numbers are free.

We hope you enjoy your time spent here!