Access Policy/ Circulation Policy


  1. Access to Library Materials

Eligibility for Library Use

  1. Residents: Residents of the North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library taxing district, with current Library cards and in good standing, have access to materials offered by the Library as long as the rules and policies of the Library are respected.

  1. Non-resident/Reciprocal Patrons: Persons living in library service districts that have signed reciprocal borrowing agreements, and who are in good standing with their home library district, are eligible to hold non-resident cards and may borrow materials offered by the Library as long as the rules and policies of the Library are respected.

  1. PLAC (Public Library Access Card): This is available to persons who wish to use any library not within their taxing district that has not signed a reciprocal borrowing agreement. This card is purchased at the amount set annually by the state. Cards are valid for one year.

  1. Unserved Area Borrowers: Persons wishing to use the Library who do not live in a library taxing district must purchase the right to use the Library on an annual basis. The cost of these services is determined by looking at the average cost of Library services, through taxes, to Wayne Township residents. This amount is determined by the Library Board of Trustees and will be charged to each individual desiring to use the Library. The fee structure is determined by a vote of the Library Board of Trustees.

  1. School: Students and employees of the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation are eligible for Library cards. A blanket card for each building of the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation will be set up for use by the media specialist to borrow classroom collections. The loan period on the materials will be adjusted to the time needed for class projects. The teacher using the materials is responsible for their return in appropriate condition to the media center for return to us.

  1. Local Business: Any business in North Judson or Wayne Township may request a blanket card for Library material use. The business agrees to be responsible for any Library materials their employees remove from Library property and for their return in appropriate condition to the Library.

  1. Other: Those not eligible for cards named above nor in possession of a Public Library Access Card (PLAC) may make use of most of the Library’s materials and services within the building. A temporary Library card may be granted, which provides access to computers, ebooks, and a limited amount of print materials (no more than two) that may be taken out of the building.

Obtaining a Library Card

  1. Standard card: A standard Library card is valid for six years. Renewals are obtained on request. Identification needed to apply for a Library card: a valid Indiana driver's license, learner's permit OR state identification card with current address OR two of the following forms of identification, with the same current address, are needed when applying for a North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library card:

    1. Checkbook or bank statement with correct pre-printed name and address

    2. Current utility bill, showing person's name and address

    3. Current rent receipt showing person's name and address

    4. Alien identification card and/or immigration papers

    5. Other identification documents as deemed appropriate by the Director or Head Librarian

Children applying for a Library card shall be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who holds a valid Library card. A card will be issued when the child can sign, in either print or cursive, both first and last name.

  1. Temporary card: A temporary Library card may be issued to patrons not eligible for a standard card. A temporary Library card is valid for three months. One renewal might be granted at the discretion of the Director or Head Librarian. Identification needed to apply for a Library Card: a valid Indiana driver's license, learner's permit OR state identification card.

II. Circulation of Library Materials

Patrons are required to bring their Library cards or identification with them each time they wish to borrow materials.

Adult patrons are to determine the suitability of materials selected for their personal use. However, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to determine the suitability of materials selected by their minor children.

Should a patron be unable to get into the Library because they are housebound, a member of the staff will gather the desired materials and either place them on reserve until a friend/relative can pick them up or deliver them to the home of the patron when time permits.

Loan Policy

  1. General Collection Loan Period: Books, audiobooks, DVDs, periodicals, and packets, may be borrowed for a two week period, and can be renewed for 4 additional two week periods.

    1. Current issues of Periodicals can not be checked out.

    2. Only adult card holders may borrow videos/DVDs

      1. A maximum of five (5) videos/DVDs may be borrowed at one time

    3. Materials with reserves or designated by the director as high demand items must be returned on their due date.

  2. Library of Things Loan Period: Materials not included in the General Collection may be borrowed for a one week period. Materials must be returned in the same condition as when checked out.

  3. Interlibrary Loan (ILL): Resident Library card holders, employees and students of the North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation and Library card holders of the school district may request materials through interlibrary loan. The loan period on these is specified by the lending library and takes into account the amount of time needed to return the material to the lending institution.

  4. Reserves: Patrons may reserve books and some other materials for check-out. Reserves are taken in person or by phone. The patron will be notified by phone when the material becomes available. The material will be held for five (5) working days and then returned to circulation if not picked up.

Teachers may request that certain titles be placed on Reserve status for a period of time, which means those titles are available for “in library use” only.

  1. Reference: Materials marked with "LIbrary Use Only” or “Do not Circulate” do not leave the building except at the Director’s discretion.

  2. Fees: Items will be considered lost three months after initial check out date.

    1. Lost or Damaged items will result in a charge equal to the cost to repair or replace the material plus an additional $5.00 handling/processing fee per item.

      1. If a lost book is recovered within 4 months from the lost declaration all fees will be waived.

    2. Repair cost will be assessed and charged as equivalent with the library's cost of the repairs.

  3. Duplication: Duplication is prohibited as the Library does not hold copyright authorizations on any of its materials, except in compliance with fair use laws.

  4. Liability: The patron shall exonerate, indemnify, and save harmless the library from all claims or liabilities to all parties for damages or loss to any person(s) or property in any way arising out of or during the use of said items. The Library is not responsible for the unauthorized altering of videos/DVDs. When unauthorized altering is discovered, the video/DVD will be corrected or replaced with the altering party held responsible for the costs.


Patrons who are not in good standing (those with unpaid fees charged against their cards, overdue materials, or those who violate Library Policy) may not borrow any materials and may be restricted as to Library usage by the Director. The Library retains the right to suspend borrowing privileges of patrons who do not conform to the rules, who damage materials, or who falsify information. The length of suspension will be determined by the Library Board after review of the facts. These regulations will be extended to patrons of other libraries.

Adopted 10/12/1999

Reviewed 10/9/2001

Revised 11/2005

Revised 7/10/2007

Revised 9//2012

Revised 5/9/2019

Revised 3/9/22