Behavior on Library Property


The Library Board and staff of the North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library are committed to providing a setting that is welcoming and conducive to education, information and recreational use of library materials. All individuals who make use of the Library are expected to comply with standards of behavior which will allow the Library to maintain such a setting. Any person(s) whose behavior falls outside this these guidelines may be asked to leave by Library personnel. Further, any person(s) who violates the rules and regulations of the North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library may be denied the privilege of access to the Library or Library property by the Library director or his/ her designee.

The following describes behaviors for which any individual(s) may be asked to leave the Library building and/or Library property. These examples are by no means exhaustive.

1. Creation of a public disturbance, including, but not limited to the following behaviors:

    • loud talking, laughing and yelling
    • boisterous socializing
    • running and playing
    • throwing objects
    • loud playing of listening devices
    • misuse of library equipment (OPACS’s, etc.)
    • bringing in of unauthorized animals

2. Any behavior/activity which distracts others from their use of the library, including but not limited to:

    • possession of alcohol
    • public intoxication
    • illegal drugs or weapons
    • smoking or use of other tobacco products
    • use of obscene language, actions or gestures
    • harassment (verbal/written/sexual)
    • fighting
    • abusive behavior, verbal/physical
    • gambling
    • solicitation
    • public indecency

3. Any deviant or abusive behavior, whether in general or directed at any specific person or persons.

4. Any prolonged use of the facilities without a demonstrated engagement in library activities.

5. Damage, defacement or destruction of Library materials, equipment or facilities.

6. Any situation in which a person is observed in an attempt to steal Library property or that of another Library user or employee, or to maliciously destroy property of the Library, a Library patron or employee.

As established in IC 7.1-5-12 all facilities and grounds of the North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library are tobacco free. Use of tobacco in any form (including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, or any other matter or substance that contains tobacco) as well as electronic, "vapor", or any other substitute forms of tobacco products is not permitted on any library property, which includes all vehicles, sidewalks, parking lots and entrances.

Library staff members shall provide service, activities, and programs which are planned for the general safety and supervision of children in the library, but standard library services do not include child care. Thus, to provide a safe and welcoming environment conducive to library use the following rules must be observed.

Children under the age of 6 must have a parent or adult caregiver with them during any visit to the library. Children ages 6 to 12 who are unable to get home by themselves must have a parent or adult care giver in the library with them.

If a child seems frightened or ill, in the opinion of the Director or designated staff, the Director or designated library staff members shall:

    1. Comfort the child.
    2. Attempt to locate the parent, guardian, or other responsible adult; explain the problem; and request that one come immediately for the child.
    3. Contact the police if parent, guardian, or other responsible adult cannot be located within one hour and the problem continues.
    4. Contact the police if the library is closing and there is no parent, guardian, or responsible adult available to claim the child. Under no circumstances shall a library staff member take the child from the building. Unattended children may be referred to child protective services.

Children being disruptive will be warned. If their behavior does not cease, the child will be asked to leave the library or the parent/adult care giver will be asked to remove the child from the library.

    1. If parent, guardian, or other responsible adult, when contacted, cannot come for the child immediately, staff will explain that the child may remain this time but the police may be called if there is any further problem. Staff will not physically touch or restrain the child.
    2. If the problem seems severe and parent, guardian, or other responsible adult cannot be located or the situation cannot be resolved the police will be contacted.
    3. If no contact has been possible with the parent, guardian, or other responsible adult, a letter will be sent with an account of the disruptive behavior and a copy of Library policy.

In situations where users ignore warnings or Library personnel feel threatened for themselves or other Library patrons, the appropriate authorities will be contacted.

Repeat violators and/or persons who refuse to leave when requested will be subject to arrest and prosecution under Section 35-43-2-2 of the Indiana Code entitled “Criminal Trespass”.

Two (2) oral warnings will be given for disruptive behaviors that do not pose safety concerns. One (1) oral warning will be given for severe disruptive behaviors. After the oral warnings, the offender will be denied library privileges for one month. Future violations can lead to permanent denial of library privileges. Library privileges will be suspended immediately for violations that compromise the safety of staff or patrons.

Minors, who continue to engage in disruptive behaviors after two (2) oral warnings may be denied library privileges except when a parent brings them, stays with the minors, and supervises the minors during library utilization.

Adopted: 10/12/99

Reviewed 6/12/2001

Reviewed 4/13/2004

Reviewed 6/12/07

Revised 6/11/2013