Computer Technology

I. Computers

A. General Information

Use of the computers in the library is a privilege, not a right. Adult members of the library staff have the authority to restrict/ban computer usage by persons who do not abide by the regulations of the library for the use of the computers.

Access to the internet may be revoked at any time and for any reason. Appropriate reasons for revoking privileges include, but are not limited to, the altering of system software or the placing of unauthorized information, computer viruses, or harmful programs on or through the computer system in either public or private files or messages. The Library reserves the right to remove files, limit or deny access and refer the Patron for other disciplinary actions.

Patrons will not access, view, download, transmit or otherwise gain access to material that the Library believes may be unlawful, such as, but not limited to copyright infringements; obscene, pornographic, and/or abusive materials; or materials which might be objectionable to community standards.

Any misuse of internet access will result in suspension of privileges and/or other legal action as determined by the Library. Misuse shall include, but not be limited to,

1. misrepresenting to other users over the internet;

2. intentionally seeking information on, obtaining copies of, or modifying files and programs which are not the property of the Patron;

3. disrupting the operation of the Library through abuse of, verbalization, damage or disablement of hardware or software;

4. maliciously using the device to communicate hate mail, harassment, profanity, vulgar statements or discriminatory remarks; or

5. interfering with others’ use of the internet.

The Library does not warrant that the internet will meet any specific requirements the Patron may have, or that it will be error free or uninterrupted; nor shall it be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages (including lost data, information or time) sustained or incurred in connection with the use, operation or inability to use the internet.

The Library will periodically make determinations on whether specific uses of the internet are consistent with its acceptable use policy. The Library reserves the right to log and monitor use.

The Patron may download information on an approved disk device. However, should the Patron download a file, shareware or software which causes damage or infects the Library network with a virus, the Patron will be liable for any and all repair costs to make the Library network once again fully operational and may be subject to other legal measures as determined by the Library Board.

B. Scheduling

Computer time should be reserved. It is preferred that patrons reserve computer usage at least one (1) day in advance; however, reservations can be made up to one week in advance. If there is a need to work on a last-minute project, patrons must call at least one (1) hour in advance to be guaranteed computer time upon arrival at the library. Any terminals not reserved will be available on a first come/first served basis. After 4 p.m. no patron will be allowed to schedule more than one time slot. NO computer time will be scheduled after 7 p.m. weekdays.

Appointments for use of the computers are made in one-hour divisions. It is a patron’s obligation to show up on time for a reservation. If someone is more than 10 minutes late (and does not notify the library in advance) the next person wanting computer time will be given the reserved computer. The late patron will have to wait until a computer is available.

C. Use

Normally no more than one person is allowed to use a computer at any time. However, patrons may work in pairs for school projects or if teaching someone how to use a program. If the patrons working at a computer become too noisy, they will be verbally warned. If they do not adjust their behavior, their computer will be locked down and they will be asked to leave.

Except for the online public access computers (OPAC) which have replaced the card catalogs, all computers are locked down until a patron registers. At that time a staff member will unlock the terminal.

Computer users must allow time within the usage hour to print out any papers/reports; patrons MUST notify the staff BEFORE printing. The cost of printing is 20 cents per sheet in black and white or $1.00 for each sheet in color. If a person prints anything without informing the staff, there will be an additional 50 cent charge for each sheet of paper used. Any patron who consistently ignores or goes over the allotted time can be denied future computer use or can have their computer time severely limited.

While at the computer, usage can be observed. This is done so that the staff can anticipate any problems that may develop. If a patron is observed doing anything which is illegal or inappropriate to local behavioral codes, the patron will be asked to stop using the computer and may be banned from further use.

Items may only be downloaded with permission from the personnel in charge. Nothing may be uploaded except assignments for school, employment or business purposes.

Patrons in 5th through 12th grades may access the internet without an adult present, but will not be provided a code to shut off the filter. Patrons who are below 5th grade must have an adult over 21 who stays with them. All patrons under 13 years old must have a parental consent paper on file to access the internet. A photo ID may be required for verification of age. An acceptable ID includes school card, driver’s license, or state ID.

The library supports U.S. Copyright laws. Users shall respect and abide by all copyright laws as they apply to computer applications.

II. eBooks

A. General Information

The North Judson-Wayne Township Library will provide eBooks for residents in the service district (Wayne Township). Patrons who live outside Wayne Township must utilize their home library for eBooks.

B. Access to Patron’s Devices

The Library will not provide viewing devices nor load necessary software onto patron’s devices. In order to access a book from the library patrons may need to download free applications.

Adopted 8/11/98

Revised 2/14/2012

Revised 3/12/2013

Revised 6/10/2014