Donation Policy for Books, CDs, DVDs

Have items to donate? Here are our guidelines.

Donations of used books, CD's, and DVD's will be accepted, provided that in the opinion of the professional staff, they enhance the value of the library's collection. All such donations become the sole property of the library. The Library is not obligated to keep donated materials for any set length of time. The Library may or may not put donated materials into the collection based on their physical condition and usefulness to library patrons. Materials not meeting the library's selection criteria will be disposed of or donated to the Friends of the Library to be sold.

Donations shall be brought in easily-carried containers to the front desk inside the library. The Library will not appraise items for tax purposes. The Library will provide (on request) a receipt to the donor for the gift, and the donor may assign the value of the material donated.

Donated materials to the North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library must meet the following criteria to be considered for the collection:

1. Books must be in good condition.

a. Must not have yellowed pages or cracked spines.

b. Must not have underlining.

c. Must have front and back covers.

2. CD's and DVD's must be in good condition regardless of age.

a. Must be in their original cases.

b. Must not be part of an incomplete set.

3. Materials must make a valuable contribution to the existing collection.

4. Materials meet the selection standards of the North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library Collection Development Policy.

***Exception - Materials of historical significance to the North Judson/Wayne Township community may be accepted even if they do not meet all of the above criteria.

Materials that will not be accepted:

1. Outdated informational books

2. Incomplete sets of any age

3. Books that have mildewed

4. Reader's Digest condensed books

5. Periodicals and magazines of any kind

6. VHS tapes

7. Audio cassettes

Adopted 2/14/2012