FAX Machine

The FAX machine will be used for communication of things not appropriate for a telephone call, electronic mail, U.S. mail or UPS.

Patrons may send or receive when the FAX machine is not needed by the Library. When cover letters are used in transmission they will be included in page charges and will be considered as the first page of any transmission. To send or receive a FAX it will cost $1.00 for the first page and 50 cents for each additional page will be assessed.

There will be no charges for interlibrary loan information unless the lending institution charges and this has been cleared with the person scheduled to receive a fax.

The Library Board of Trustees and staff will be able to use the FAX machine for the actual cost of the telephone call.

Adopted 11/8/94

Revised 1/13/98

Reviewed 6/12/01

Revised 6/12/07

Reviewed 11/10/09

Revised 4/9/2013