Filing Income Taxes on Computers

The Library stocks what physical income tax forms are provided by the state and federal government as these items are sent. The Library has no control over the content and/or arrival of tax documents. Copies of tax forms may be made from a set of reproducible documents (if provided by the IRS) or help given to access federal IRS and state income tax sites on the internet so the patron can view and/or print the forms. The staff will also help the patron locate specific income tax instruction publications sent by the federal and state governments.

In no way will Library personnel attempt to interpret any information contained on these sites or forms. Staff does not have legal permission or background to do any explanation of income tax forms outside of such requests as looking up the definition of a particular word.

The Library computers are, primarily, for reference and research; however arrangements can be made to use the GED/Educational computer if the unit has no one scheduled to use it.

The patron desiring to file income taxes on-line must have the knowledge to complete the procedure correctly as the Library staff has neither the background nor the legal status to help with income tax filing. The patron is also financially responsible for printing any copies of tax forms or instructions.

Adopted 1/13/2004

Reviewed 6/12/2007

Revised 4/9/2013