Fines / Fees

It is the responsibility of the Library to maintain a collection of materials to be shared by persons living within the service district - i.e. persons paying taxes within the legal service area. It is also the responsibility of the Library to govern the use of such materials shared with, or borrowed from, other libraries. The goal of the Library is to recover materials held beyond the agreed loan period, in good condition, for further use by the community. The Library does not want to resort to punitive action to recover items. Fines and fees are used solely to remind offenders of their responsibility to the other community members who fund and support the Library.

Written Notice Procedures for All Library Materials Except Video Tapes

  1. A notice listing the overdue materials will be sent, as a courtesy reminder, to the patron the first week following the date due. Overdue materials are automatically highlighted on the computerized circulation system.
  2. A second notice will be sent, to re-notify the patron of overdue materials, approximately 2 weeks after the first card. Borrowing privileges will be suspended at this time with a notice posted on the automated circulation system.
  3. A registered letter will be sent 2 weeks after the second card explaining the responsibilities and legal actions available to the library if the overdue patron has not made contact with the Library.
  4. A complaint to the prosecuting attorney for conversion will be initiated one month from the date of sending the registered letter. The course of action will be at the discretion of the staff and legal system. Should such legal action be necessary the negligent patron will be responsible for all court costs.

Fines & Fees for All Library Materials Except Video Tapes

A charge of five cents ($.05) per day (excluding Sundays, holidays and days the library is closed unexpectedly) for each overdue item will be applied up to a maximum fine of five dollars ($5.00) per item per circulation. A two day "grace" period without fines exists for print, audio and related materials but not video tapes. Any patron with overdue materials will be held responsible for all fines, postage costs, and legal costs involved in the recovery of the materials. If the materials are not returned, the patron will be responsible for the cost of replacement materials and the cost of processing the new materials.

Inter-library loan materials overdue by more than 1 week will be subject to fines. These fines may be those imposed by the lending institution, the Library or both.

Notice Procedures For Video Materials

Videos/DVDs become over due the day after the due date (excluding Sundays, holidays and any days the library is closed unexpectedly). Patrons with videos more than 2 days over due will be notified by telephone, informed of their responsibility and requested to return the videos. After two telephone calls, a letter requesting the return of the videos will be sent. If necessary, a Library staff member may be sent individually, or in the company of law enforcement official, to the patron's residence to retrieve the overdue videos. Legal action in Small Claims Court, or by filing with the prosecuting attorney for conversion, may be initiated. The course of action will be at the discretion of the staff and legal system.

Fines & Fees For Video Materials

Fines and fees for videos/DVDs are as follows:

  • $1.00 per day per overdue video
  • $.50 per video returned in wrong box
  • $5.00 fine per item for videos/DVDs returned in book drop
  • Videos overdue more than 10 days will be assessed the cost of the video plus daily fines plus a $10 processing charge per tape.

Damage to Library Materials

The patron to whom the materials are charged is responsible for any damage, even if they checked books out for use by other individuals. It is not the library's responsibility to trace third parties who do not return, or who damage, library materials. The library is not responsible for damage to materials returned in the book drop. The book drop is a convenience to be used at the patrons’ own risk.

Adopted 1/94 revised.