Meeting Room Rules & Fees

The Board of Trustees of the North Judson-Wayne Township Public Library invites any group of community residents to use the meeting room as long as the purpose for meeting is compatible with the social, cultural and intellectual purposes of the Library. As a community agency, the Board of Trustees believes that when conditions permit, an area should be available for public use, subject to Board policy.

1. Application for use: Reservations for use must be made at least two weeks in advance of the meeting to guarantee availability. Application forms are available at the Library. All applications are taken on a first-come basis and must be approved by the Library Board or delegated representative. The Meeting Room Agreement Form must be signed before the meeting begins.

2. Hours of use: The room may be used during the Library’s open hours. Special arrangements for meetings outside of regular hours must be made with the Library Board or designated representative. All participants must be out no later than 10:00 (ten) p.m. local time.

3. Cancellations: Notice of cancellation must be given at least 48 (forty-eight) hours in advance. The Library retains the right to cancel a reservation but only in order to use the room for Library purposes or as a disciplinary action.

4. Conditions of Use:

a. Library programs and uses have first priority.

b. Civic, community, educational organizations and groups, whose purpose is non-commercial, non-profit may use the meeting room at no charge with the approval of the Library Board or delegated representative and by abiding by the policy of the Board of Trustees.

c. Commercial or for-profit organizations or groups may use the Meeting Room upon payment of $35.00 (thirty-five dollars) a day, approval of the Library Board or delegated representative and by abiding by the policy of the Board of Trustees.

d. No fees may be charged by any group, except to cover the costs of materials used during the meeting.

e. Children must be supervised at all times by an adult.

f. Tables, chairs, dry marker board, video projector, DVD and TV monitor are available for use. Before the dry marker board is used, markers must be approved by Library personnel. A $15 (fifteen dollar) fee may be charged if Library staff sets up the meeting room for an activity.

g. A $25.00 (twenty-five dollar) deposit must be paid prior to serving food and/or beverage during any use of a meeting room.

h. All trash - edible or otherwise - must be placed in the provided trash cans. If there is excess trash, inform a library staff member who will provide you with extra bags.

i. The Library reserves the right to assess a $25.00 (twenty-five dollar) cleaning fee if the meeting room and restrooms are not returned to their original condition after an activity.

j. Use of tobacco products, alcohol and illegal substances are prohibited on the premises.

k. The Library Board of Trustees does not assume any responsibility for the security of personal or group possessions.

l. Any infractions may result in denial of future use of the meeting room.

Adopted 8/12/97

Revised 1/13/98

Revised 10/9/2001

Reviewed 4/13/2004

Reviewed 6/12/2007

Revised 8/14/2012

Revised 02/09/17

Revised 01/09/2020