Table Rental

Ten (10) commercial folding tables, six (6) feet long and thirty (30) inches wide, will be available for rent by community members of North Judson, Wayne Township Public Library District, Friends of the Library, or patrons in good standing.

One six (6) foot folding table will rent for one dollar ($1) for a twenty-four (24) hour period or all of the tables may be rented for nine dollars ($9) for a twenty-four (24) hour period.

A twenty-five dollar ($25) refundable security deposit, payable in advance, will be required for any number of tables rented. A rental contract must be signed as the person borrowing the table(s) is responsible for repairs and/or replacement costs of damaged, destroyed or lost table(s). In case of damage, the deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the price of repair/ replacement of the damaged table(s). Costs will be assessed in reference to the current replacement value of an identical or similar table.

Revised 10/9/2001

Reviewed 4/13/2004

Reviewed 6/12/2007

Revised 8/14/2012