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JAG - Jobs for Americas Graduates - Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a state-based, national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing dropouts among young people who are most at-risk. JAG's mission is to keep young people in school through graduation and provide work-based learning experiences that will lead to career advancement opportunities, or to enroll in a postsecondary institution that leads to a rewarding career.


Early Childhood Education Degrees & Careers - Earning your degree in childhood education can open the doors to careers in several types of school environments. When you graduate with a bachelor’s degree or higher and receive licensure from your state, you can pursue positions such as preschool teacher at a public school. You can also work as a elementary teacher, consultant for families who have children with unique challenges, manage a child care center. Some graduates at the master’s or doctorate level go on to perform important research or work for private companies who create education products, such as mobile apps, for children at this age.

Job Outlook for Medical Assistants - If you’re thinking of training to be a medical assistant, this could be a great career path to follow. The team at has done some research into recent trends and changes in the healthcare field and examined the implications for medical assistants in 2016 and over the next few years.

Masters in Education Online - A Masters in Education degree is a promise for the future — both for you and for students. Earning a graduate degree in education means you will be prepared to take on new challenges, meet new opportunities, and become a better, more informed educator. It is a big step, but one that can be well worth the effort. Our searchable program directory is the top online resource on the web, and will guide you in your decision with more than 300 accredited universities that offer an online Masters in Education Degree. You will also find information for choosing a grade level and any subject area specializations you may be interested in.

Nursing Career Resources - Whether you are a nursing student, new grad, experienced nurse, or advanced practice nurse, our guides will help you take the next step in your nursing career. Be sure to check out Ultimate Guide to Nursing Resumes, Complete Guide to Job Interviews, The Best Advice for Getting Hired.

RN Careers - How can we help you? We do the leg work on nursing career challenges so you can take the best care of your nursing career. We rank RN Programs, help you find scholarships, transfer an RN license to another state, pass the NCLEX exam, pay for nursing school, apply for financial aid, find a job and more.

RN to BSN - In pursuit of their nursing degree, every nursing student will be financially and mentally challenged. Our Online RN to BSN section seeks to help current and prospective nurses understand and explore the best online RN to BSN programs.


Affordable RN to BSN Online Programs - If you’re already a registered nurse but interested in expanding your career options, an RN to BSN online program is a practical option that allows you to continue working in healthcare while simultaneously gaining the skills to advance your career. The schools on this list offer some of the top online RN to BSN programs in the country, giving you a quality education that will increase your earnings potential without exorbitant tuition costs.

Early Childhood Education Resources - An early childhood educator’s job is rewarding, but not without some challenges. We’re here to help; we scoured the Internet looking for the most valuable early childhood education resources. What you’ll find below is a comprehensive library of websites, blogs, webinars, research and tools. Whether you’re just embarking on an early childhood education career or already work with children, you’ll find plenty of useful information.

Indiana Career Explorer - Whether you're an adult looking for a new career or a student trying to figure out career and college options, this powerful online tool provides all the career and educational resources you will need to make it happen for you.

Indiana Master's in Education Degree Programs - A guide to M.ED and MAT degrees in Indiana.

Indiana Teaching Degrees & Programs - There are several online teaching programs at universities in Indiana, including Master of Arts programs in both elementary and secondary education, as well as an online Transition to Teaching (T2T) certificate program that can help a bachelor degree holder earn a teaching degree by completing online courses and a 10-week teaching experience. The MAT program at Ball State University is also offered 100% online.

Nursing Degree Guide - What once could be obtained with two years of school now requires four years at minimum, making the choice to return to school a popular choice for associate’s level nurses. RN to BSN programs provide an outlet for current associate’s level nurses to gain a higher degree.

Online Masters Degree Programs - Our mission at is to inspire others to influence society through the pursuit of higher education. We have an online database of tools, references, and articles that cover topics such as accreditation, job placement, and resources that can provide financial support. We've researched every graduate program in the Nation in order to provide prospective students data-driven and unbiased research.

Rn to BSN Programs - Online RN to BSN programs are common in the nursing industry, and are designed specifically for current Registered Nurses that are employed now, but want to get their BSN for career advancement opportunities and other benefits.

RN to BSN Degree - The RN-to-BSN degree is a response to the call for more educated nurses. While ADNs were the norm for many years, the BSN is becoming more common—and sometimes required—as efficiency and improvements in healthcare are needed.