Erie Trail

Take The Erie Trail to Open Sky

Who we are

Founded in 2010, the Prairie Trails Club, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to develop, manage and maintain the Erie Trail in North Judson and Monterey Indiana.

The North Judson Erie Trail is a free access, public multi-use path and greenway mostly located in southern Starke County, Indiana. Nine miles of paved trail extend eastward from the town of North Judson to U.S. 35 near Bass Lake. A shorter paved section has been completed in the town of Monterey to the east in Pulaski County. Motor vehicles are prohibited. The route is fully paved and intended for hiking and bicycling; a separate, unpaved, equestrian trail for horseback riding shares the corridor from Starke County Road 100 West to U.S. 35.

Centered on the rail banked right-of-way of the former Erie JK Line, much of the North Judson Erie Trail is elevated offering an excellent view of the unspoiled countryside of the Kankakee sand country, and though you’ll see some of the rich farmland for which Indiana is justly famous, the landscapes are often more natural and quite varied — groves of oaks, prairies, and marshlands. The level rail bed makes for easy hiking and cycling.

The North Judson Erie Trail is part of the transcontinental American Discovery Trail, extending from the Atlantic Ocean in Delaware to the Pacific Coast at Point Reyes in northern California.

Rules of the Trail

The trail is open for everyone's use and enjoyment.

  1. Closed from dusk to dawn.
  2. Non-motorized use only - unauthorized motor vehicles prohibited.
  3. Do not trespass on adjoining property
  4. Obey stop signs.
  5. Ride or walk on the right side of the trail.
  6. Other trail users must yield to pedestrians. Warn trail users as you approach from behind ie: "On your left"
  7. Helmets recommended
  8. Take only pictures; leave only footprints - pack out your trash.
  9. Pets are welcome if kept on a leash and in control.
  10. Horses are welcome on the designated horse trail. Please do not ride horses on the asphalt.
  11. Report problems to Starke County Sheriff's Department - 574-772-3771. Use 911 for emergencies.

North Judson Erie Trail, Starke County, Indiana

Dedicated to public access trails and greenways in rural northern Indiana.