Indiana Bike Route US35

Enjoy your Ride on USBR35

​Cycling USBR35 takes amateurs and avid roadsters through iconic farm fields, charming downtowns, along urban bike paths and over (very) gently rolling hills. Whether you travel ten miles or one hundred, you will experience an iconic Midwestern landscape that is affordable, safe, and fun. Adventure-seekers, cycling fanatics, racers, families and tourists will enjoy the rural scenery of Indiana, a plethora of outdoor activities, local eateries and small town personalities that make USBR35 not just a bike route, but a unique traveling excursion.

What is USBR35

Since 2012, Indiana Trails has worked with the Adventure Cycling Association to make USBR35 an official bicycle interstate highway in Indiana. The route starts in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, goes through Kentucky, then connects to USBR45 in Louisiana.

Covering about 360 miles, USBR35 is an interconnected national network of roads and paved pathways that allows cyclists to easily travel from county to county in Indiana. Along the route, bicycle enthusiasts will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy attractions, rural fields, and small towns spread throughout the state.

We’re asking for all cyclists—from novice to experienced, whether you’re a day tripper or through tripper—to make USBR35 part of a regional and national conversation. With detailed maps, resources, and descriptions for each county, we hope to make USBR35 an “honest to goodness” travel experience.

County Amenities

Find out what attractions and services each county has to offer.

Visit to learn more about the history of the route, download cue sheets, and see an interactive map with zoom capabilities.