Poison Control

Some things to know about the Poison Control Service that our government provides for us which, in turn, is paid for with the taxes we pay:

  1. They handle a call every 15 seconds 24/7
  2. Most calls involve children.
  3. It costs just 43 cents per US citizen to fund the entire program.
  4. They employ the best poison management people in the world.
  5. Our program is the envy of, and the model for the world (this may change because their budgets have been cut to the bone).
  6. If they feel that the situation is life-threatening they will tell the parents what they should/should not do immediately as these things can make a difference – then (keeping the parents on the phone) they will call and inform the para-medics of the situation, provide directions to the residence and tell them what to do when they arrive – then they will call the local emergency room and tell the Nurses and Doctors what is coming their way and tell them what they need to do in the way of testing and treatment and they will stay in touch with them as the story unfolds – all this provides for the best possible outcome. WOW – that is impressive and should make us PROUD.

Call Poison Control first for the best advice 1-800-222-1222