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Services Available


Public Computers

Our public computers are available to anyone who needs a place for general internet searches or printing. If you live in North Judson or Wayne Township you need a library card to access the computers. A free guest pass is available for people living visiting our library. Please note that the computers do shut down 30 minutes before closing.

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Printing and Copies

You can print from our Public Computers or send us an email of what you would like printed off. We can also make copies of papers you already have. Prices are as follows:

Single Sided: $0.10 per page

Single Sided Color: $0.15 per page

Doubled Sided: $0.15 per page

Doubled Sided Color: $0.20 per page

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Free Public WIFI

To access our free WiFi, join the network

NJ-WT Library Guest 

and accept the policy rules in the browser page.

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Fax Machine and Scanning

The library staff can fax your paperwork or scan it to our computer and email it to you. Fax completion time is dependent on how many pages there are. Prices are as follows:

First Fax Page: $1.00

Additional Pages: $0.50 per page

Faxes to Toll Free Numbers: Free

Scans to Email: Free



Staff members will do all the laminating. Prices are as follows:

Wallet/Hunting size: $0.50

Paper size thick: $1.50

Paper size thin/medium: $1.00

3 Ring Binder Writable: $3.00

Medium Weight Writable: $2.00

11/17: $1.50



The Library has a wide variety of books and audiobooks available for checkout. These can all be checked out for two weeks. Not sure what you want to read? Ask a Librarian!

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Libby is a digital program where you can borrow books and audiobooks on your devices. You can download the Libby App on your phone or tablet. Just type in your library card number to gain access to hundreds of content.



Hoopla is another one of our digital programs. You can use your computer, tablet, phone and Roku TV. Hoopla has movies, books and audiobooks for all ages!

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Library of Things

The Library of Things is a group of items that you wouldn't think of libraries traditionally having. This includes boardgames, yard games, cooking pans, and more! 


Inner Library Loan

Inner Library Loan is a program where libraries share books with each other. If we don't have the book you're looking for then we can put in a request to get it from another library. This request can take two weeks to a month.



Our Microfilm is a great way to look into the past of North Judson. We have the North Judson newspaper going back into the 1890s! Take a trip down memory lane!


Meeting Rooms

We have up to 3 meeting rooms available for use. This includes one large meeting room and two small meeting rooms. If you want to reserve a meeting room, you must request it two weeks in advance. You must also sign an agreement form before use. We also ask that you give a 48-hour notice if you want to cancel. Please note that there is a $25 fee if you are to have food and drinks in the meeting rooms.

Image by Ernest Ojeh

Maker Space

Maker Space is the perfect  place to let your creative side flow! This space allows you to work with different types of vinyl, heat sublimation, sewing, and more. This is a great way to make gifts or decorate spaces at a fraction of the cost. Contact the library for more details!

Price List

NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS (Cash or Check only)


Single Sided: $0.10

Double Sided: $0.15

Color Single Sided: $0.15

Color Double Sided: $0.20


First Fax Page: $1.00

Addition Fax Page: $0.50

Toll Free Numbers: Free


Card Size: $0.50

Thin Protector Cover: $1.00

Thick Protector Cover: $1.50

3 Ring-Binder (8x11): $3.00

Medium Weight: $2.00

11x17 Paper Size: 1.50

Media Transfers

Video to DVD: $1.00

Cassette to MP3: $1.00

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